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We’ve created this hub of information, gossip, news and advice to keep you informed on what’s happening in your industry and to give you a helping hand in securing your next career opportunity.

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As the leading recruiter to the Built Environment, Infrastructure and Resources sectors we have plenty of industry expertise, which helps us understand the technicalities of your role. This space allows us to share specific knowledge you can use to build your career.

We hope you feel the “Constructive Difference” when you visit, and understand you are our valued client (never a commodity). We’re here to support and inform you as you seek your next exciting job or career move. The more you learn, the better you’ll analyse your options and the better the choices you’ll make.

Today job seekers expect (and receive) more control and power over their career choices than ever before. Flexibility has never been more important. Whether you’re a candidate for a long term permanent career role, seeking a key long term position on a landmark project or simply after a temporary contract position, we have the right opportunities for you.

Need some advice? Check out the videos below. They’ve been created specifically to help job seekers like you with every stage of your job hunt!
We have also created a useful “Jobseekers Guide” which we would love you to download and use.

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