$65m re-design for The Star

Posted on 09 May 2019

The Star Entertainment Group have revealed images of flashy new features in their Sydney Harbour casino. The $65m revamp includes updates to the entrance, a brand-new bar and high-end retail stores. The most eye-catching element, however, is the indoor light and interactive digital art foyer.

$22m of the $65m budget was allocated to the foyer, which features a 25-meter-long, 8K crescent shaped screen. The screen is set to display works of local artists, cinematographers and animators, to create a dynamic and engaging space and more exposure for Australian talent.

The foyer also includes the first sculptural water installation of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, called Aquatique. The captivating new display features falling water, lit by colour changing LED lights. The new design hopes to cater towards the “Instagram and Snapchat” generation, who are attracted to unique and inspiring spaces for photography and videography opportunities.