A green community in the heart of Sydney

Posted on 17 June 2019

Sydney is in the process of transforming an industrial area into a sustainable community.  The development will cover 278 hectares and is conveniently located 4km from the airport and 3.5km from the city centre. It has recently been awarded a 6 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia, the highest possible rating. 30,500 new residential dwellings will be included in the construction, allowing approximately 61,000 people to reside in the Green Square by 2030.

Careful planning and involving the existing local communities have been key to the project’s success, according to Kim Woodbury (City of Sydney COO).

“The process is that you have to plan well for a future community and you have to have a vision for what you are trying to achieve,” Woodbury said.

“If you look at the scoring system for the Green Star – Communities rating, it talks about governance, it talks about planning; it’s not just about environment.

“Although there is a big environment component it [also] talks about bringing the community along with you.”

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