Adani Coal Mine – Saved by the Bird?

Posted on 31 May 2019

Adani has received approval from the Queensland Environment Department for their submission of plans to protect a rare bird species, the black-throated finch, for coal-mine construction works. This approval follows additional promises made by Adani to strengthen their management plan and minimise harm. Works for the mine include land populated by the bird, the Galilee Basin. The company must now secure one final state approval for their management of ground water in order for construction to resume.

Following the Coalition win, Rockhampton Mayer Margaret Strelow has stated that Adani should “be given the proper treatment and allowed to proceed, for the Galilee Basin to open, for those jobs to flow, so that we as a community can start to build a long-term future”.

The project has not come without controversy, with many experts arguing that land clearing is diminishing the amount of land for the finches to live. Former Greens leader, Bob Brown, fears the finch is now doomed to extinction.

“The obliteration of the bird’s stronghold in the Galilee Basin is the same as shooting them,” he said in a statement.

Pictured: Black-throated finch

Final approval for the mines ground water management is expected to be decided by June 13th.


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