Boom not over yet

By on 06 October 2017

According to figures Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) released this week, the total number of cranes in the country has risen to 685 over the last 6 months and also, excluding Canberra and Darwin, there has been a surge in cranes in each key city across Australia.

  • The index value of 161 is the highest since the index commenced in 2012
  • 109 Sydney suburbs and 54 Melbourne suburbs have residential cranes.
  • The residential index value is now 177, up from 138 two years ago.
  • The non-residential index value is now 117, up from 92 six months ago.
  • 339 cranes have been added since the last index and 308 removed from completed projects.
  • The number of cranes in Melbourne has reached a recent high of 151, up from 146 in the previous index.


(image credit: RLB Crane Index)