Constructive gets featured on The Brief (Winter 2018) edition

By on 08 August 2018

In an article about workplace wellness programs, Giles Keay, Managing Director of Constructive wrote about an essential element for a healthy office culture.With Constructive focused on the “Happiness Advantage Principals”, Giles Keay discussed productivity, engagement and success through ensuring happiness and positivity.

“We have always had a core focus on our employees since hiring our first staff member in 2004 but following our commitment to this strategy we then created a ‘Best Place to Work’ team comprising four individuals in the business who have pulled together our commitment to our staff, peoplefirst,” he said.

He added, “Our staff are more engaged than they have ever been because they understand that we are looking after them and the results are there to be seen with record breaking months almost ongoing although our headcount has remained steady.”

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