Constructive Launch peoplefirst Initiative

By on 02 February 2018

Constructive are proud to announce the launch of a brand-new initiative focused on our employees and their ongoing health and wellbeing.

Over the last year we have been drawn to a simple philosophy, “success does not guarantee happiness, but happiness does without question guarantee success”.  This philosophy is based upon the Happiness Advantage Principles which creates an environment for individuals to excel and increases their productivity, engagement and enjoyment of their work and their personal lives.  At our conference last year in the Gold Coast, Alex Dawson, a professional happiness coach from Positive Scenario, was our guest speaker. His presentation ensured the successful introduction of the concept into the business.  It was a tremendous success with excellent feedback from all staff on its potential impact.

We have now compiled what we believe is a market leading initiative in the recruitment industry with our “peoplefirst” initiative covering;

  • Health & Well Being
  • Rewards
  • Career & Personal Development
  • Flexibility
  • And the Little Extras…

Giles Keay, Managing Director of Constructive said “We are proud to announce the introduction of peoplefirst and most importantly our commitment to our Employee Assistance Program and Well Being Walk In’s. Our intention is to provide all employees with guidance around Stress, Work Life Balance, Relationships, Lifestyle Habits and many other important aspects of life where support is needed.  The pace at which we are all living is certainly adding greater strain on us all and we see our role as an employer to be much more that just paying wages, we want to be there as a support within their overall lives to ensure ongoing wellbeing.”

One of the most important events in many people’s lives is the birth of a child and as such Constructive believe that the basic government assistance does very little to help.  We are delighted that we have now implemented an extremely positive paid parental leave program giving up to 16 weeks paid leave for the primary carer and up to 10 days for the non-primary carer to assist over the first 6 months of the child’s life. Giles Keay stated “It is time for Australian small businesses to try to assist where we can at this challenging stage for many, by investing in our employees, we hope that we have shown that they have a long term and ongoing future career with us.”

peoplefirst was launched in December and is now implemented across the business with the new initiatives already being taken up by employees.