Constructive welcomed new employees

By on 03 May 2018

Constructive Team welcomed new employees last March 2018.

Among the new hires were Janna Regencia (Cebu), Gemma Bangma (Sydney) both employed as Talent Consultants and April Cañete (Cebu) as Social Media Manager.

Being part of the team for almost 2 months now, we asked the newbies a few questions about their experience at Constructive, how motivated they are and some quirk trivia about them.

Here’s how they gracefully responded:


What is one culture that you love in Constructive?


Janna: The people are supportive and recognizes even the smallest effort. This pushes me to work harder.

Gemma: I love the supportive environment at Constructive, everyone is extremely welcoming and positive.

April: Everyone at Constructive keeps a positive vibe and healthy working environment.

Looking back, what was your favourite job and why?


Janna: When I was working as a Customer Service Rep because that’s where I was able to meet people from different walks of life and I was able to reflect and learn from their experiences.

Gemma: My favourite job was working as the departure coordinator at Sydney International Airport, it was exciting and fast paced.

April: Writing is my passion so working as a writer has always been my favorite.


What greatly motivates you?


Janna: My family

Gemma: I am motivated by being part of a supportive team, and by having variety in my day.

April: My passion in writing gives me daily dose of motivation


How do you take challenges at work?


Janna: I see it as an opportunity to improve myself.

Gemma: I tackle challenges, by trying to get them done as soon as possible and by asking my colleagues how they have approached them in the past.

April: Challenges keep me going – they make my job interesting.


Can you give a fun trivia about yourself?


Janna: People laugh at my jokes not because it’s funny but because the way I deliver it is not funny and sometimes out of timing.

Gemma: I was part of the Harry Potter club in High School.

April: I’m a huge fan of everything classic – rock music, books, cars, anything from the past.


Welcome to Team Constructive! 🇦🇺🇵🇭