Constructive’s 15 years in business

By on 08 May 2018

In celebration of 15 years in business at Constructive, we rounded up the top 5 longest standing employees to ask them about their experience working in the business, some significant accomplishments, what it is like working with Constructive and how the company has changed over the years.

Here are some of their experiences:

What is your role and how long have you worked here?

Daniel Poole: I’m one of the Associate Directors in the business. I manage the permanent building desk in NSW, specialising in the placement of construction candidates with Principal Builders. I’m the longest serving member of staff in the business, I started here 11 years ago in 2007, I’ve seen 5 Prime Ministers in that time!

Brooke Dostal: I have worked at Constructive for almost 7 years and have had several roles/responsibilities throughout my employment. My current role is to provide support to Giles Keay (Managing Director), Tara Jones (Finance Director) and Steven Hill (National Consulting Director) with a variety of tasks, all travel requirements nationally, finance duties, contract management and processing required VISA’s.

Steven Hill: I’m the National Consulting Director and I manage our recruitment team nationally.

Jonathan Conley: Associate Director, have worked with Constructive since February 2011

Neil Cruickshank: Associate Director and I’ve worked at Constructive for 9 years.

What is it like working at Constructive?

Daniel Poole: The reason I’ve been here for 11 years (which is an eternity in the recruitment world BTW) is that Constructive tick all my boxes and is a fantastic place to work. I have all the flexibility, support and financial incentive I seek, as well as a great company culture and working environment. After 17 years in recruitment I know Constructive is a unique company and an employer of choice. I really couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

Brooke Dostal: Working at Constructive is awesome. It is an extremely supportive and energetic environment filled with lots of support from its leadership and fellow employees. It is more or less a little family and the opportunities are endless.

Steven Hill: Constructive has enabled me to grow my career, provide flexibility with my family and keep me engaged as an employee for the last 10 years. It’s a fantastic place to work and I know I’m extremely fortunate to work in such a dynamic, collaborative and innovative work place that not many other people have the opportunity to do in their employment careers.

Jonathan Conley: Brilliant environment, friendly with lots of laughter and self-deprecating humour but at the same time we make sure we work hard!

Neil Cruickshank: I work in the Perth office and it’s a nice small office of like-minded, mature individuals who come to work to work hard and provide for our families, yet we also don’t take ourselves too seriously and we have a lot of fun. We are a diverse bunch of different nationalities (that’s just Perth!) and so there is always a lot of fun sledging about our various sporting teams and accents in the office!

How has the company changed in the time you have been here?

Daniel Poole: I’ve been here a long time, so I’ve seen more change than anyone. I have seen the company grow and then retract during the GFC, to growing steadily to where it’s at today. The one thing we have done well in all that time is to maintain the culture and reward employees on their success. Over the last 5 years in particular, the business has really matured and diversified with its systems, procedures and policies. Our health and training is second to none, and our benefits package (see people first) is overly generous and unique.

Brooke Dostal: I started with Constructive in 2011 at the baby age of 18, so for me I have personally grown with the company in those years. The company hasn’t noticeably changed a huge deal with regards to its culture, however only for the positive with regards to the implementation of policies, systems and the overall structure which has driven success.

Steven Hill: 10 years is a long time and I’ve seen the company change fairly dramatically in that time. In the last 5 years the business has really made a huge transformation going from the stereotypical, mid-sized recruitment business, similar to many others, to a company that strives to innovate and do things differently. We have a number of internal and external initiatives that we can really “hang our hat on” to say we have changed the way we do things, very much for the better.

Jonathan Conley: Constructive has been an ever-evolving organism in the 7+ years I’ve been here.  We’ve opened an office, closed the same office and now re-opened it again.  All of that said the core values of the business have never changed.

Neil Cruickshank: Wow, how long have you got?! After nearly a decade I’m sure you appreciate any company would have been through a lot of change. The biggest change I guess was when Giles bought out his business partner after 10 years together – I’m pleased to say it’s all been positive change since. In Perth I’ve seen us adapt well to a recession, a boom, a bust and now a recovery – all good fun!

Can you briefly share an accomplishment that you consider significant in your time with Constructive?

Daniel Poole: That’s a tough one. I think spending 11 years with one employer is an accomplishment in itself. In my time here I have achieved a number of personal goals, but professionally when I think holistically about my career here, then I would say that having the same passion and drive for my work as the first day I started is one of the biggest, and each and every candidate out of the hundreds I’ve placed in my time here remains another great satisfaction.

Brooke Dostal: I have been lucky enough to attend 3 Platinum Clubs to Bali with Constructive over the past 7 years and played a big part in implementing our ‘People First’ scheme, which consists of Parental Leave and loads of employee benefits and flexibility.

Steven Hill: My greatest achievement is walking through the door on my first day, knowing nothing about recruitment to becoming a member of the senior executive team. This is a demonstration of the fantastic career opportunities the company provides and the supportive network that is always on offer.

Jonathan Conley: I’ve been the biggest biller for the last 3 years.

Neil Cruickshank: Reaching 10 years as a business and having successfully rolled out offices to cover the country in this time was a massive milestone

What is it about the culture in Constructive that you love most?

Daniel Poole: We’ve always been cautious on hiring and that’s paid off. Every person we’ve taken on has added something positive to the culture and made this feel like home. When you spend the majority of your week at work I think it’s essential that you enjoy working with the people around you. There’s a lot of respect here, a lot of opportunity and a lot of fun. It’s a great place to work.

Brooke Dostal: The Constructive culture isn’t something you would find easily elsewhere and off the back of that, we are all very supportive of each other and will do what we can to assist fellow employee’s in achieving their goals. It is a very sociable bunch and where you make friends for life. We have Christmas parties and our annual Conference in June where the entire company gets together twice a year and you therefore find yourself building extremely strong relationships with staff interstate as well.

Steven Hill: Simply, the number of like-minded individuals I work alongside every day. We all have a common goal to achieve and work in an environment that fosters collaboration, respect, individuality and a focus on being consultative with our internal and external stakeholders.

Jonathan Conley: It’s both a supportive and fun place to work! Recruitment can be a bloody hard slog when things don’t go well so it’s incredibly important that the environment is a positive, supportive and fun-filled one otherwise coming to work each day in a tough market can be incredibly challenging.

Neil Cruickshank: It’s so positive, energetic and happy – everyone genuinely looks out for one another and are happy when others achieve well as it’s always for the better of the company. I believe companies are made or broken from the very top – we have got that right!

What do you love most about working in the recruitment industry?

Daniel Poole: Helping people get work and having that impact on them that changes their lives. I recently placed someone that every other recruiter wrote off on paper. I met him, believed in him and got him a great job for $20k more than what he wanted. He was able to settle into a new flat and proposed to his girlfriend. That made me very happy. It’s those types of wins that are good for the soul.

Brooke Dostal: It’s hard for me to really base this off anything as I haven’t worked anywhere else and I’m not a recruiter, however I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I do enjoy the energy, the challenges and there’s never a dull moment. It is a nice feeling when one of our consultants’ places somebody in a role that could be potentially life changing for them.

Steven Hill: The diversity of the role is really key to it continuing to challenge me and always keep me on my toes! The ability to make an impact on people on a daily basis and the responsibility of partnering with people to make positive change is really satisfying and makes me want to come to work every day.

Jonathan Conley: The money!

Neil Cruickshank: It’s a lot of hard work, yet very rewarding at the same time. I’m fortunate to have built some amazing relationships with my clients and candidates in the construction industry; when you get that loyalty and repeat business it’s most rewarding, knowing you must have given them a good service last time. Recruitment is as close to running your own business as you’re going to get, what you put in, you get out, so you have to be very self-motivated to succeed. After 20 years – I have not looked back!