First turbine at Bodangora Wind Farm marks milestone

By on 16 May 2018

Marking a milestone event for Infigen Energy, the very first turbine was assembled and installed at Bodangora Wind farm ā€“ making history in the Wellington region.

Around Mount Bodangora, the turbine stands tall in the hills at 150m and a span of 130m.

Using a large mobile crane, the first 33 turbine ready for instalment has been carefully assembled together piece by piece. On one hand, the turbine construction could only be completed under the right conditions, considering the location of the project.

Once operating, each turbine can generate up to 3.4MW of power depending on the wind speed plus the wind farm can provide enough supply of power to up to 49,000 homes each year. The turbines are to be constructed and functional by the spring of 2018.

Under engineering procurement and construction contract, Bodangora Wind Farm is built by a consortium of General Electric and Civil and Allied Technical Construction, a civil engineering and construction company.