Fund for Melbourne Airport ‘Super Train’ announced

By on 25 October 2018

Promising fastest travel times and enhanced access for regional Victorians, AirRail Melbourne – a consortium of IFMM investors, Melbourne Airport, Metro Trains Australia and Southern Cross Station – announced a detailed plan for the development of Melbourne’s long-awaited Airport rail link.

AirRail Melbourne is proposing to match the $5 billion funding, under the $15 billion plan, to build a world-class link that unlocks additional rail capacity while also creating thousands of new jobs.

The features of the project proposal include 24/7 trains departing every 10 minutes during peak periods, one-way tickets at less than $20 compared to today’s prices, reduction of 10 minutes from travel times for regional services into the city via new dedicated tracks, twin rail tunnels to deliver a premium Airport rail service and open up additional capacity for rail services to Melbourne’s booming west, among others.

Upon completion, the ‘Super Train’ project aims to cut road congestion in Melbourne’s west and north, connect the entire Victorian rail network with the airport, and complement the Metro Tunnel and proposed Suburban Rail Loop projects.

Photo courtesy of Youtube