Gateway Upgrade North project is underway

By on 03 May 2018

The Gateway Upgrade North project’s construction for ground improvement and piling, including extensive utilities relocation which started in early 2016 is expected to be completed in late 2018.

The project team is focused on ensuring the utilisation of innovative methodologies and sustainable construction materials throughout the project’s design and construction. Also, the team wants to make sure that the project would be beneficial not just to road users but to the community as well.

The project’s ecological impact particularly around the Deagon Wetlands and Deagon Racecourse has been carefully managed through the reduction of its overall footprint in contrast to the original preferred plan.

The Gateway Upgrade North project is the first major road project in Queensland to receive an ‘excellent’ design rating by the Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA). This rating signifies that the project’s sustainability efforts go beyond than expected.

Image source: Youtube