Global BIM library now available in Australia

By on 04 June 2018

Announcing the developments at BiLT ANZ in Brisbane this month, a global BIM diary and free-to-use BIM guide is now launched in Australia.

UK-based NBS said its BIM Object Standard and NBS National BIM Library have been updated to improve their usage across the country with the addition of Australian-specific content.

The NBS BIM Object Standard will permit manufacturers to impart their product information digitally across UK and Australia at the same time allow designers and specifiers to download country-specific standardised objects from the NBS National BIM Library.

With its current UK and Canadian offering, this update from NBS who provide with technical information, specification and BIM tools to construction industry professionals is an absolute add-on.

As the NBS National BIM Library is already across Australia – bringing future time savings and minimising risk on construction projects – the latest development is something NBS hope will improve this experience.

Created to the NBS BIM Object Standard that are freely available for designers and specifiers to download, the library hosts generic and manufacturer BIM projects. Manufacturer who update their BIM objects to the updated standard will be found more easily by library users across the country.