Going green – could the construction industry reach zero emissions?

Posted on 25 September 2019

Findings from a new report indicate that the building and construction sector could become carbon neutral and reach net zero emissions by 2050.

The report was published by The World Green Building Council (WGBC) and is titled “Brining embodied carbon upfront”. It addresses the current state of emissions created by the industry and proposes solutions to accelerate harm-reduction. The report has received endorsement from many developers and construction companies, financial institutions, city networks and government and industry representatives.


According to WGBC, the building and construction sector is responsible for a startling 39% of emissions worldwide. Coordinated action across the industry is required to accommodate drastic changes to how buildings are designed, built, used and subsequently demolished.


“With the support of our global network and the endorsements we have received for the report, we are confident that we can stimulate market demand and facilitate radical whole value chain collaboration that will be truly transformative and benefit both people and planet,” states Cristina Gamboa, the CEO of WGBC.

“We will accelerate action to achieve our goal of slashing embodied carbon by 40 per cent by 2030 and securing net zero embodied carbon by 2050, in addition to our net zero operational carbon goals.”


To comply with the suggested new guidelines, developers are encouraged to integrate low embodied carbon design right from the conceptual design stage. The report also urges policy-makers to act by developing a strategy that ensures targets are set for public buildings, renovations and infrastructure to ensure compliance for government projects.


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