How we can achieve 50% renewables by 2030 without Government intervention

Posted on 29 May 2019

Energy Analysts RepuTex have concluded that Australia is well on track to achieve 50% renewable electricity by 2030; and that is without accounting for federal energy policies.

The analysis suggests that an increase in state renewable schemes and rooftop solar will reduce wholesale prices for home solar from $85 per MWh to $70 over the next three years, further driving down gas and coal-fired power usage as demand decreases.

In the recent election campaigns, we saw the Coalition slam Labour’s 50% renewable energy target, claiming that such a radical change would endanger jobs that are heavily reliant on the energy industry. Since the Coalition’s win, the Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos has urged the government to embrace the inevitable transition to low-emission power sources, and use it to create new opportunities for Australians.

Pictured: Arthur Sinodinos , Senator for NSW

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