Melbourne Metro Tunnel: Major works scheduled to commence in April

By on 23 March 2017

Melbourne’s $10.9 billion Metro Tunnel Project has been granted the go-ahead after extensive geotechnical investigations were finally completed.

The geotechnical investigations included an invasive look into Melbourne City’s grounds, with over 270, 50 meter, boreholes being drilled since 2015. The information gathered from these investigations will contribute extensively to the overall design and construction of the Metro Tunnel project and several other underground stations.

Melbourne’s City Square will be transformed into a construction zone as it becomes home to a more than 11-storey deep hole, ready for the development of the underground Metro station.

The project is set for commencement in April 2017 and will bring with it thousands of local jobs.

Once completed the Metro Tunnel will provide a more efficient service for Melbourne commuters.

A number of projects in the city will be undergoing construction concurrently as part of the state’s major construction blitz.