Melbourne to Brisbane bullet train – $1 billion commitment

Posted on 10 May 2019

Labor has promised to allocate $1 billion from the budget to purchasing land across Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane to make way for a high-speed train. The project could cost up to $114 billion in total, with the rail link spanning 1,750 kilometres. The train would be expected to travel at speeds of up to 350km/h, cutting the journey time from Melbourne and Sydney, and Sydney and Brisbane, to as little as three hours, according to Labor, and would stop at more than a dozen regional cities along the way. This would be massive from an economic standpoint for smaller regional towns and could make living further from a CBD more attainable and more attractive to many people.

Possible route for the new rail-link: 

Population growth has caused the suburbs to expand further into regional areas, prompting the government to start acquiring land before private developments start taking place. There has been talks of a project of this kind since the 1980’s, and there has previously been interest from China, Japan and Europe to build the line. This $1b commitment is the largest and most promising investment into the project so far.