Mental Health in the Workplace

By on 11 February 2019

We all hear about how to improve mental health, with meditation apps, yoga studios, regimens and pricey detox retreats popping up on our Facebook feed, but the question people often don’t answer is, why do we actually need to improve our mental health?

The reason is simple, mental health affects every single aspect of our lives at home and at work. If someone’s mental health is low, they will not be able to handle a big workload or be able to perform as well as they can at their job, and that means in the not so distant future not as many job opportunities, pay rises or improvement in the quality of work being produced. Improving mental health will you make you more productive, more confident in what you are producing, and better quality work being produced.

Another aspect less talked about would be the strain on your mind and on your physical performance. When you have had a stressful day and you get home and feel agitated and stressed, you often notice your neck aching or stomach hurting; this is all due to poor mental health. When you do not have a clear head, your body will suffer immensely. This could be the answer to the ‘ugh why do I always get sick’ questions you ask yourself during the current seasonal illness floating around. This is all due to you neglecting your mental health which ultimately if uncorrected, will make your physical health suffer greatly, which again means less productivity, worse performance and a lot more sick days. If you don’t like getting up in the morning like me, it sounds great, but waking up with a fever isn’t so great when you have to get food shopping done and finish the ever-growing list of chores that even if you don’t have work you never quite seem to finish.

So, we now know why we need to, but how can we actually improve our mental health?

There are simple steps you can take every day that isn’t advertised glossily in magazines or online, isn’t endorsed by Kim Kardashian, just simple easy cheap to free things you can do. Some easy things that you can do to improve mental health include, finding relaxing hobbies to do in free time and if you don’t have free time, make free time for yourself and really just your sanity. Hobbies don’t have to be expensive or ‘in’ at the moment but purely just something you don’t have to think about anything else other than the activity your doing. I for one love to read as I find it relaxing, but you could find hand-gliding an enjoyable, relaxing experience; it’s different for everyone but find something you enjoy that you can just be by yourself for a moment and enjoy what you are doing.

Another thing I personally recommend is the art of talking and communicating. There is nothing good about keeping bad feelings to ourselves. It doesn’t matter how little your problem is; talking is so important in voicing concern for your own headspace and others.

So, the focus of this article is for you to take control of your mental health and make it what you want it to be. By doing this, you set yourself up for the better in every aspect of your life.