Metro Tunnel ANZAC Station excavation now in progress

By on 06 February 2019

Works are stepping up on the site of the future ANZAC station as excavation works are now underway on all five Melbourne Metro Tunnel station sites.

In collaboration with community groups, local governments and industry, suitable topsoil and excavated material will be reused to rehabilitate old quarries, improve public open space and support other construction projects. Over the northern section of the site, an acoustic shed will be built to contain dust and noise as hundreds of workers remove around 400,000 tonnes of rock and soil from a 300-metre long, 30-metre wide, and 22-metre deep station box.

The Metro Tunnel project aims to create space to run more trains, slash travel times and create thousands of local jobs and kick-start careers.

Excavation is now underway at every station and the massive tunnel boring machines will be digging under Melbourne by the end of the year.