Mitchell Freeway extension to Alkimos project set to begin soon

By on 01 April 2019

Expected to support 1,200 jobs during the construction phase, the Mitchell Freeway extension to Alkimos has been given the development go-ahead signal.

Included in the initial concept for the project are 5.6-kilometre extension to the freeway from Hester Avenue to Romeo Road with two traffic lanes in each direction and provision for future widening, a new interchange at Lukin Drive, a rail tunnel or bridge for the existing rail to exit the freeway median to Butler Station, noise mitigation, street lighting and safety barriers where required, and duplication of Wanneroo Road for 1.8 kilometre from Romeo Road to Trian Road and more.

Major works are expected to begin in late 2020, as detailed planning for the project is now underway.

The project is jointly funded by the Australian and State Governments.