New M4 construction soon to go underway after Concord Road bridge completion

By on 10 January 2019

With the recent completion of the Concord Road bridge, construction of the WestConnex New M4 which will open in-line with the New M4 tunnels and will form part of the Concord Interchange is set to commence.

The 200-metre long Concord Road bridge is a key component of the Interchange which will enable motorists to bypass the heavily congested Concord and Parramatta Road intersection.

The Concord Interchange project is a major feature of the New M4 that aims to provide access to the twin tunnels from Concord Road in both directions, as well as access to the widened M4. In addition, the $3.8 billion New M4 tunnel is the first underground section of WestConnex which will connect to the widened M4 and extend it via twin tunnels and three lanes in each direction from Homebush to Haberfield.

Motorists will soon have access to an express underground route between Homebush and Haberfield, once the project is completed.

Photo courtesy of Youtube