Northern Hospital major upgrade works to start soon

By on 02 April 2019

After the completion of a $22 million Intensive Care Unit (ICU), main works are ready to begin on the $162.7 million Northern Hospital expansion project in Epping, Melbourne.

The recent opening of the ICU allows the official start of upgrade works which include a seven-storey tower, 96 new inpatient beds, three new operating theatres and additional treatment rooms. Alongside the ICU, early works have also completed a new loading dock and other support services that created 66 construction jobs during the phase of the project.

The project aims to allow the hospital to treat an additional 10,000 patients each year with additional beds and operating theatres, as Epping is one of Australia’s fastest growing regions. Moreover, the new ICU project aims to make sure the most critically ill patients in the northern suburbs can get the care they need in a more comforting environment, close to their homes and community.

Construction is set for completion in 2021.