Progress for Perth Airport Skybridge

Posted on 05 July 2019

Perth Airport’s $31m Skybridge project, which will ultimately connect Terminal 1 to the new train station, is progressing nicely. The bridge has a modular design and has been split into 12 main components which will be hoisted into place by cranes. The first component, which is also the largest, has been moved and fitted by the largest crane in Perth last month; weighing in at an astounding 83 tonnes.

The Skybridge and adjoining train station are a welcomed addition to the Perth airport, with hopes that it will increase connectivity and convenience for tourists and travelling locals.

“This skybridge is a major step in ensuring that we make taking public transport to the airport as easy and user-friendly as possible for passengers, and assist in creating a world-class visitor experience for all,” Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said.

“At the cost of a standard two-zone fare to the CBD, we see travelling to and from the airport by train as a desirable and convenient option.”

Georgiou have been contracted to carry out the project and are pleased with the advancements currently being made, which has been expressed by General Manager Steve Okill;

“It’s an exciting time for our team and great to see the culmination of Georgiou’s planning and hard work come to fruition.”

The current Perth Airport works have created around 2,000 jobs, with 70 contractors solely working on the Skybridge. The project is expected to be finished in late 2020.


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