QLD mine construction to begin soon

By on 30 January 2019

As the Queensland government declares the $1.4 billion Sconi project as a prescribed project, hundreds of construction jobs are just around the corner.

Included in the project are the construction of an accommodation village and 24/7 medical facility with improvements made to water supply, regional public roads and the regional airport. With more than 300 full-time equivalent jobs for the 18-year operational period, the project is set to create up to 500 jobs during its two-year construction period. The Sconi project aims to produce nickel, cobalt, and scandium for battery manufacturing, electric vehicles and other high technology applications.

In addition, Australian Mines Limited (AUZ), the proponent, has set investment into the region for training skills and development for process workers, featuring youth and indigenous programs.

Construction is set to begin in 2019.