Retail redevelopment in Sydney to start construction soon

By on 07 February 2019

An industrial warehouse unutilised for quite some time will soon be a part of Sydney’s Marrickville Metro shopping centre, with construction works set to be delivered by ADCO.

Construction works are set to incorporate the space into AMP Capital’s $142 million redevelopments to include works to extend the existing metro centre in Sydney’s inner-west, aiming to increase its floor space with two levels of retail and three levels of parking. It will also provide additional space for 44 retailers, including supermarket Coles which will take up tenancy and other spaces that will include leisure outlets and al fresco dining area. In addition, a pedestrian bridge will link the existing Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre with the new development, complete with safe crossing zones installed at street level.

Led by architecture company Hames Sharley, Marrickville’s upgraded shopping centre aims to maintain a distinct inner west style, make use of existing warehouses and showcase local artists within the design.

As the development is now on its second phase, construction is set to last for around 20 months and expected to be completed in late 2020.