Revitalisation projects in the North capital underway

By on 08 June 2018

For the Territory Labor Government, creating local jobs and growing the territory’s population are key priorities.

A number of big revitalisation projects about to get underway in Darwin’s CBD will create hundreds of jobs for local territory businesses over the coming months and breathe new life into the CBD, according to Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Nicole Mansion.

The Tomazos Group, a local company, will build the new 450-space, three-level underground car park, which will create 60 jobs and support an additional 165 jobs during construction.

This project aims to create more green space in the CBD by freeing up four heat-generating ground level car parks for re-development which also means that instead of seeing unsightly car parks, there will be improved parklands, green initiatives, walkways and improved amenities.

The project will also see the relocation of the bus terminal, the demolition of the Chan building and improved laneways, walkways, cycle oaths and relaxing social areas. Over all, the projects are designed to attract more tourists, make the CBD more liveable for locals and unlock further economic development in retail hospitality and tourism.

The underground car park construction is set to begin in June and will approximately be completed after 15 months.

Image source: Youtube