Scarborough beach pool opening

By on 19 February 2018

The long-awaited Scarborough Beach Pool has opened in spectacular fashion, with a week of beautiful WA-style 30-odd-degree days!

The newly-completed project, which includes a 12-lane heated pool, 200-seat undercover grandstand, sun lounge deck and two restaurants, was declared open by Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin on the 22nd January.

Locals and visitors will be able to swim at the new pool, grab a bite to eat, all whilst enjoying the amazing view of the iconic Scarborough Beach. The facility, which is believed will help stimulate the local economy, will offer outdoor fitness programs and swimming classes. It has also been designed to provide space for a range of sports activities such as water polo, synchronised swimming and underwater hockey.

Nearly 600 people can enjoy the geo-thermally heated pool at once, and six sand filters will remove any debris brought in from the beach. On the ground floor, cafe Cocolat is now open, whilst a second-level restaurant La Capannina is expected to open in March.


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