Technology changing the shape of recruitment… and Constructive

By on 10 September 2019

Recruitment is evolving. Smarter CRMs, referencing systems (as a few examples) are changing the way we recruit. Such evolution does not change the fundamentals of recruitment but it certainly changes the way we carry out the basic functions of the recruitment process. I’ve had many clients over the years ask candidates outright whether they were interviewed by the agency that had submitted them. Fair point, right?

Recruitment agencies charge substantial amounts of money for the placement of a candidate. The least a recruitment agency should be doing is conducting a thorough interview prior to submitting a candidate, along with taking references, qualification checks and then the obvious aftercare once they have started.

I recently met with a very good client that is adamant that we should be meeting with all candidates. I totally agreed. What was interesting was that he didn’t believe a video interview sufficed. I disagreed.

There are elements a video interview can’t replace; judging a handshake, checking out their shoes?? There isn’t much really is there?  I tried to explain to my client that candidates generally will be reluctant to travel from Western Sydney to the CBD (which could be as long as a flight to Melbourne) because they simply don’t have the time. So, for convenience and speed, we will conduct a SKYPE/FaceTime interview instead to make life easier for the candidate as they are balancing a busy work schedule and their current role.

In all honesty if they are going to travel, they want to meet a potential employer because they need to find an excuse to leave early, arrive late and not arouse suspicion with their current employer.

I think I got my point across eventually – explaining that we are carrying out the same interview process, but just over video. We still look them in the eyes; judge body language and the candidate still has the opportunity to see the person assisting them with the next step in their career. We still run though their motivations for a move, spend time discussing their key skills and attributes and assessing their suitability for a role. Once I explained this, he seemed satisfied – I think!

As a business, over the last 12 months, we have wound down our staff numbers in Perth and years before that we closed our Brisbane office. We have now adopted a two-hub strategy in Sydney and Melbourne. We have doubled the office space in both locations with new fit outs recently completed. We can now control our culture, quality, training and strategy much more efficiently from two locations. This decision was made largely because of our confidence in technology and the ability to still service other major cities outside of Sydney and Melbourne.

Constructive has partnered with clients in Western Australia since 2007 and in Queensland since 2005. This is not going to change, despite not having physical offices in either location. We already have 3 dedicated consultants based in our Sydney office solely servicing clients in Queensland and Western Australia, working from existing contacts and candidates from our database, that is nearing 300,000 people country wide.

These consultants are interviewing candidates via video and meeting clients on regular trips to both states. For us we see no difference doing this than having to be on the ground daily. Our strategy moving forward is to continue building a team of Sydney and Melbourne based consultants, solely servicing clients in WA & QLD, where we have built a strong and reliable brand.

It’s business as usual for Constructive Australia wide. With the help of technology, we are servicing our clients just as much as we are in Sydney and Melbourne. We are looking forward our new business strategy and more importantly continuing to maintain the many relationships we have built over the years across Australia.