The future of Australian Construction?

Posted on 07 August 2019

A new research initiative is taking place, led by Lendlease, the University of Melbourne and the Donovan Group, along with 25 other industry, university and government partners. The overall objective is to reduce project costs and delays by as much as 40 percent throughout the industry by modernising our approach and increasing operational efficiency.

The $28 million budget for the research initiative is being funded through the Australian Government Cooperative Research Centre program and has been dubbed “Building 4.0 CRC”. The integration of artificial intelligence, robotics and data science into standard construction methods is being considered to raise the bar across the industry on a national scale.

Easing the environmental impact of the industry is also a key focus of the study, with targets set to reduce construction waste by 80% and an emissions reduction of 50%.

The study is encouraging collaboration and innovation from every corner of the industry, with architecture, planning, construction, engineering, business, IT and law professionals and experts all contributing to ensure the best possible outcome.

The construction industry has been reported as having the lowest productivity gains of any industry in recent years, with failure to integrate technology suspected as the main reason.


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