WA Fremantle Traffic Bridge project soon to commence

By on 02 May 2019

With the State Government committing $230 million towards the construction of a new bridge, a new Fremantle Traffic Bridge in Western Australia is set to be built to replace the old bridge that was built as a temporary structure in 1938.

The delivery of the project is set to create up to 1,500 jobs for the region and 1,500 jobs that will ensure the public safety not just for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians but also for boats.

Works for the new bridge will potentially include rail options, which will allow more freight to be transported to Fremantle Port by rail, modern cycling and pedestrian facilities to improve the cycle route between Perth and Fremantle.

With a two-year delivery period, construction of the new Fremantle Traffic Bridge is set to begin in 2021-22.