What’s happening with the Sydney Light Rail?

Posted on 17 July 2019

Sydney’s $2.7b light rail project has been progressing steadily but may not be fully completed for another two years.

Information supplied by the New South Wales has been positive, and as it stands:

  • Drainage works will be undertaken over the next few weeks as overhead wires are installed at Kensington and Kingford. Landscaping, footpaths and road works are also underway at these locations
  • Footpath and paving works are currently underway in many areas around the CBD
  • Moore Park has received new traffic lights, overhead catenary systems, and additional kerb and asphalting
  • A retaining wall next to Langton Centre is also close to completion

Tram testing has begun between George Street and Circular Quay, with that portion of the project anticipated to open to the public by the end of the year.

Documents recently obtained by Sydney Morning Herald have revealed plans to increase their fleet of trams, but the government is yet to follow through with the purchase. The extra trams would allow for services to increase from one tram every eight minutes to one tram every six minutes during peak periods, which may be crucial in managing the high numbers of commuters expected to utilise the network.

Upcoming works in Sydney’s CBD includes underground cable installation, non-potable water in zone five, re-levelling works in zone six, public domain works in zone 11, footpath restoration in zone 12 and pedestrian crossing and bike lane works in zone 13.


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