Our Services - Project Recruitment

Constructive has specialist sector knowledge, strong relationships and networks and is a lean, dynamic business with the flexibility to service dynamic, fast changing companies. Your company may have increasing needs for talent because you’ve recently won a new project or need to upscale quickly due to strong business growth.

We can combine our placement and consulting capabilities and help you develop a workforce solution matching your new requirements. Our consultants can then provide assistance with sourcing and managing new recruits and setting up payroll on your behalf.

project recruitment

Our established talent pool can quickly provide ongoing temporary workers for your ad hoc needs or to fill resource shortages during a project. The hiring of emergency staff at last minute rates can quickly absorb any profits expected from the delivery of the project. It’s a situation that needs careful management. For longer projects we can provide fixed term contract employees.

For projects with significant scale we often recommend an integrated solution where our consultants are dedicated to your project and are located in your offices or on site.

This is known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Providing a recruitment team on your behalf offers you all the benefits of an internal team without the time, cost and inflexibility of building one yourselves.

Our team can be on site for as short as 2 months up to the full project duration which may be many years.

We are an approved supplier to the NSW Government for their Contingent Workforce Scheme SCM0007 and have assisted many departments using our technical expertise in the Built Environment and Infrastructure.  Our experience includes working with the following departments;

  1. Sydney Ports
  2. Dust Diseases Board
  3. Transport for NSW
  4. Sydney Water
  5. NSW Water Solutions
  6. NSW Public Works
  7. Service NSW
  8. Department of Education and Communities
  9. Department of Justice NSW
  10. Department of Family & Community Services

For more information about these specific services please contact one of our expert consultants to arrange a consultation.