Our Services - Recruitment Effectiveness

We  assist clients whose recruitment function is small, non existent or ineffective. Over time we have developed a Recruitment Analysis which gives us deep insights into your recruitment process and helps formulate plans for improvement.

The Recruitment Analysis results can help you improve your recruitment process, saving time and money and increasing the skills and confidence of your recruitment staff.

It can also assist you in:

  • reducing your overall recruitment spend
  • increasing employee engagement
  • conducting more effective on-boarding
  • enhancing your reputation as an employer


This analysis can be done as part of an overall review and overhaul of your recruitment process or as a stand-alone consulting assignment. The results are then used as the foundation for improvements to your recruiting function.

We can also provide on-site recruiters in the form of a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). An RPO fills the gap between traditional third party contingency recruitment and the cost of setting up and creating your own internal teams. With this non-core function taken care of by our experts, you can focus on essential activities like revenue/profit and other essential activities.

Each RPO assignment is assessed on its own merit depending on its length, how many roles are to be filled and their seniority. The structure of each RPO is unique to the organisation it serves and we will consult with you to create a function that meets the needs of your business and attracts and keeps the best talent. This service aims to provide both savings to your organisation and an improved recruitment process.

Total RPO is for medium to large enterprises and provides you with one or more full time recruiters

Flexible RPO is a part time service and is perfect for smaller businesses needing a lower volume of hires.

Our “unbundled” recruitment services separates various elements of the recruitment process and offers them individually. Our flexible service can assist with reference checks, interviews, screening and payroll services for clients. Just ask us to put together a bespoke proposal to suit your needs.